Editor’s Choice: Best Car Apps for 2011

​Aha Radio is one of the most promising free apps among all the available apps in market. This is an interesting offer for people that can be accessed from mobiles, wireless systems and many portable devices. There are lots of features of these apps including traffic data and access of stored music and navigation assistance etc. People can access the favorite music stations of their interest using these apps.

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New Tech Tries to Compensate for the Dearth of Concepts

Harman Aha Radio. The internet is invading the car. There’s no stopping that, so manufacturers have been focusing on making it safe by integrating Pandora radio, Twitter and Facebook apps into their infotainment systems. But what happens when those fast-moving silicon-valley entities update their broadcasts? Will we be able to upgrade our ten-year old cars, or just revert to playing CDs and USB sticks? Harman’s Aha Radio aims to solve this future-proofing conundrum by aggregating all these popular internet sites in “the cloud,” modifying the “back end” whenever those applications morph into something new and adding connectivity to whatever’s next, and interfacing with the cars in a predictable manner that can be sustained for the life of today’s longer-lasting vehicles.

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Pioneer puts Twitter, Facebook features into your car (CES 2011)

​Some journalists abandoned the queue for the press conference when they heard it was mobile products only, but they missed the launch of some fairly nifty in-car systems.

Possibly the most intriguing of Pioneer's new in-car products are two in-dash car stereos which come with Aha Radio integration. The AVIC-Z130BT and AVIC-X930BT both sport touchscreen interfaces and allow you to keep in touch with your favourite social networking sites while you're driving your car.

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CES: Pioneer receivers read your Twitter, Facebook Feeds

​Pioneer updated its AVIC X and Z series in-dash receivers with the capability to interface with the Aha Radio mobile app for iPhone. Taking advantage of the iPhone's 3G connection, Aha aggregates the user's social network feeds, RSS feeds, and podcasts into an audio stream that can be listened to while driving.

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Pioneer announces Aha Radio partnership, plans for app domination

​If there's a trend at this year's CES in the infotainment world, a sort of new common denominator that's unifying all the players, it's having your social media read to you while you drive. Pioneer is playing along. New you'll also be able to listen to Facebook and Twitter updates, pull down NPR podcasts and RSS feeds, even get Yelp reviews read to you. And, yes, that Pandora integration too. Aha Radio from Harmanis the provider here and initially will be supported in two of the company's higher-end models, the AVIC-Z130BT and AVIC-X930BT. Both look to be double-DIN units with large touchscreens and built-in navigation. That's just the beginning, though. More details after the break.

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Pioneer announces in-dash Facebook and Twitter support, GPS iPhone dock, PAIS

​Pioneer makes a wide array of consumer electronics products, but you wouldn’t know it from its CES press conference today. The company focused exclusively on its car stereo and accessories, putting its car division’s director of marketing, Ted Cardenas, on the stand to make some minor announcements including additional social networking support, the launch of a new iPhone dock, and its own app platform.

Cardenas announced that nine Pioneer car stereo models will now support Pandora Internet radio, up from two last year and the electronics manufacturer is partnering with Aha Radio to add Twitter, Facebook, and podcast support to a couple of its high-end audio dashboards. Aha Radio, originally an iPhone app, reads tweets and Facebook messages out loud via a robotic-sounding voice and has about 100 podcast series available for download. It also features some light location searching, will read local Yelp reviews, and has traffic reports.

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Pioneer Brings Deeper Facebook, Twitter, & Pandora Integration to Car

​Pioneer plans to expand its partnership with Pandora Internet Radio by enabling nine different versions of its product to sport streaming Internet radio; previously, only two models could do so.

Pioneer is also upping the ante for social integration. Now its dashboards can connect to users’ Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as read friends’ Twitter and Facebook status updates to the driver. It will display friends’ face on the screen and let drivers know what they’re doing, even while driving. Pioneer partnered with Aha Radio in order to power the reading of tweets and status updates.

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CES: Pioneer links smart phones with car navigation systems

​The Long Beach-based company, known for its car stereos, raised the curtain on two new in-dash touch-screen navigation systems -– AVIC Z130BT and AVIC X930BT. Both are coming out in the spring and will be priced from $1,000 to $1,500.

And each will be compatible with smart phones such as the iPhone. Pioneer’s free Aha Radio Mobile App will use an iPhone linked into the navigation system to turn Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and other social-media outlets into audio broadcasts.

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GM, Ford, Nissan Bring Smartphone Apps to Cars

​Some electronics companies are using acquisitions to enter the in-car app market. Harman International Industries in September bought Aha Mobile, which provides streaming audio versions of Facebook news feeds, short blogs from Twitter, national news updates, and traffic reports. The service will become available in some devices sold through specialty stores in 2011, and will be built into cars released in 2012, Robert Acker, general manager of Harman Aha Radio, said in an interview. "It's an opportunity to redefine the in-car radio experience," Acker said, "the opportunity to translate the Web experience to the car." Aha expects to more than double its staff by yearend, to 15 to 20 people, he said.

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