Acura RLX Concept looks to kickstart Honda’s premium brand from the top

​There is no sugar-coating the fact that the Acura RL has been a dud since Day One. Honda's luxury brand is painfully aware of this fact, especially since next to nobody purchased the pricey sedan. Then again, the RL has suffered the indignity of being outgunned by a lower-priced model from within its own portfolio, so we can see how selling one has been an uphill climb for dealers. But Acura has an all-new luxury flagship waiting in the wings, and it's seen its first light of day as the RLX Concept, which just debuted at the New York Auto Show.

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Kenwood Ships Sync-Compatible Flagship A/V-Nav Unit

​Kenwood shipped its $1,600-suggested flagship A/V-navigation system with such features as Ford Sync compatibility, HD Radio, and improved navigation of songs stored on a USB-connected Android phone.

The Excelon-series DNX9990HD also controls Pandora apps on connected smartphones and features stereo Bluetooth and Garmin navigation.

The DNX9990HD head unit is among multiple head units launched by Kenwood this year with the ability to select Android-phone-stored songs by title, artist, album, and mood when the phone is placed in mass-storage mode. The USB connection also charges the Android phone.

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Connected Car - Not distractive anymore!

​Aha radio, a location-based web content application, was launched by Aha Mobile in 2009. With the concept of "always-connected", this app was launched on the iOS platform and was a breakthrough innovation in the in-vehicle infotainment domain. This application converts the information from web into personalised radio stations so that the driver does not get distracted. This has opened the floodgates for the numerous Internet-based services in the infotainment domain, which were considered to be sources of distraction.

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Harman, Rinspeed reveal NFC auto dashboard

​Harman and Rinspeed have unveiled an NFC-enabled dashboard at the Geneva Motor Show.

Now on display in the partners’ “Dock+Go” concept vehicle, the dash enables NFC phone users to sync their handset with the car to automatically to load their personal comfort settings, such as seat positions, favorite music and stereo levels, as well as load emails, contacts, calendar entries, and Facebook and Twitter accounts via the system’s Aha cloud-connected platform.

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Harman - Personalised dashboard automatically adjusts to driver’s tastes

​Imagine a car that automatically adjusts to every driver’s tastes and preferences, harnesses a universe of personalised entertainment and information from the web, and makes your drive time easier, safer, and more productive by learning your driving routes and habits. Imagine all these capabilities available to a driver without the need to turn a dial, touch a screen, or even utter a word.

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For Harman, you are your phone

​Harman International, in looking for a way to personalize the in-car experience, found that the most unique thing everyone carries is a phone. In its demonstration of a new dashboard electronics system, Harman pointed out that people are more likely to loan someone else their car keys than their phones.

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Aha (Harman) Target Western Europe with In-Car Infotainment Service

​Aha, a business unit of in-car infotainment vendor HARMAN, announced today at the Geneva Motor Show the beginning of its services in Western Europe by the end of the year. 

Aha provides web content under a radio format suitable for in car consumption without distracting the driver. 

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Harman, Rinspeed partner on Dock + Go dashboard concept

Harman is kicking off the Geneva Auto Show by unveiling its new dashboard concept for cars of the future. The Dock + Go system turns your dashboard into a "learning," Aha cloud-connected platform that'll try to eliminate traffic jams, or at least you're kept entertained in line. Your smartphone will connect over NFC and immediately the car will remember your preferred settings and social networks for access.

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Acura to Offer Aha’s Connected Infotainment Platform

​The infotainment platform Aha by Harman will be integrated into Acura RLX vehicles beginning in model year 2013.

Aha says its platform makes Web content safe for drivers and its technology will be part of a new audio system being offered in addition to Acura’s ELS surround sound system. Aha will be integrated via a wireless Bluetooth smartphone pairing.

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Acura partners with Aha by Harman, RLX calls first dibs…

​Subaru and Honda bit first, and now Acura has chosen the New York International Auto Show to reveal its newfangled tie-up with Harman. The cleverly-titled Aha infotainment platform -- which aims to "make web content safe for drivers" -- will soon be working its way into Acura motorcars, starting with the 2013 RLX.

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