Sirius XM And Pandora Watch Out - The Dashboard Is Getting More Crowded

​This leaves a wide gap for the likes of Pandora, Aha radio, Slacker, and Spotify to fill…If you think that the competition issue is relegated to the world of software, apps, and programming think again. Aha Radio is an arm of OEM hardware supplier Harman (HAR). Aha is an aggregator of content and a platform creator. Aha has deals in place with a dozen automakers and brings a wealth of content including Slacker, NPR, etc. The Aha advantage is that through its parent company, it is already getting into the dashboard with ease, and is easy to use. 

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Harman International (NYSE:HAR) Announces Aftermarket 4G LTE OEM Radio Upgrades

​Harman International Industries Inc. (NYSE:HAR) said it will offer upgrade radio services for its 15 million OEM radios currently in cars on the road.

The company said it will offer 4G LTE connected head unit upgrades for radios in existing cars. It will also provide some cloud based services such as Aha Radio for older radios. And it will also offer customer relationship management services.

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Coolest new car tech that could be in your next ride

​The days of finding an address on the Web and typing it into a GPS unit are ending. Porsche's new Harman Aha Web search technology streamlines the process and lets you type your destination directly into the vehicle's interactive dashboard instead of fumbling around for your smartphone.

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Aha finds a home in Porsche, Ford, and Chrysler

LAS VEGAS--One of the most successful services at CES 2013 would seem to be Aha, which added Porsche, Ford, and Chrysler as partners. Harman, Aha's parent company, boasts the service will be available in cars from more than 10 automakers.

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Aha Radio Sweeps Car OEM and Aftermarket Radios

Aha, the app that gives car radio users easy access to 30,000 radio stations, Facebook, Twitter and podcasts, will soon be available on Alpine car radios as well as 10 leading car OEM systems such as the Ford Sync and Chrysler Uconnect.

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CES 2013: Aha Radio expands to Ford, Chrysler and Porsche

​Harman’s cloud-connected infotainment platform makes its move at the Consumer Electronics Show. The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show officially kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas. Car companies and their suppliers have been flocking to the giant gadget convention in recent years to show off their latest technology. At this year’s show, apps are where it’s at for many automakers, and Aha Radio by Harman is making a major incursion into a variety of brands.

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Aha and Podiobooks to Deliver In-Vehicle Streaming Audiobooks

​Drivers will soon be able to listen to streaming on-demand audiobooks in their vehicles thanks to a new partnership between Aha by Harman, the provider of audio and infotainment products, and, which has a large collection of free serialized online audiobooks.

As a result of the deal, after downloading the Aha app for iPhone or Android, users can connect their smart phone to the in-vehicle entertainment system, pick one or more audiobooks from the hundreds of available titles, and select them as “presets”—similar to the way one traditionally selects preset radio stations. After that, users can listen to the audiobook, controlling the volume, track number, etc. via the steering column interface.

“The audiobook [listening] experience will be identical to the way you would listen to an AM/FM station,” said Chia-Lin Simmons, v- p of marketing and content for Aha, who noted that when a user exits her vehicle, she can continue listening to the audiobook on her smart phone.

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Mobile Excellence Awards Announce 2012 Winners at Awards Gala

​The Mobile Excellence Awards (MEAs) honored industry leaders and rising stars at its annual gala, which took place on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 during a prestigious event in Marina Del Rey, CA at Digital Hollywood.

Industry influencers and luminaries gathered to honor and celebrate the finalist and winners that have truly set the bar of excellence in their respective fields. From leading brands to studios, carriers and start-ups, the 2012 Mobile Excellence Awards have become the preeminent organization and awards to follow when it comes to the best of the best in entertainment and mobile technology every year.

2012 Mobile Excellence Award Winner - Best Mobile Innovator, Aha by Harman.

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