Use "My Feeds" to create a custom station

With all the new features available in the newly released Aha Radio app, there are bound to be some that could use some additional explanation. So this will be the first in an on going series of posts dedicated to "getting to know" Aha Radio. Hopefully by now you have found your way to the Manage Stations area (Hint: the triple hash button in the top-right corner).  One of the stations you can add is called "My Feeds." When you first add the station you'll get a pop-up notice offering some details. To put it simply, you can hand-pick podcasts, as well as other Aha users, and have all of their content added to a single channel.  You will just have to pick some when you aren't driving (or else you'll end up with the blank station shown below). Now let's go about selecting content for the station.  Perhaps you want to have a single channel for all your NPR shows.  It's easy to just touch on the little blue arrow on the side of any podcast or user shouts (while in 'Walking Mode') to reveal the additional options. Adding the feed to your Feeds station is as easy as tapping the "Follow" button on the left (looks like a balloon with a "+" in it). No need to bounce around to each NPR station, looking for the latest episodes.  Once you add them to your "My Feeds" station they will all appear in order of time/date posted.  You can just let them play. Now whether you are in 'Walking Mode' (above left) or 'Driving Mode' (above right) you get a mix of all the content you want.  And don't forget that you can even follow other users, so you'll be sure to notice (and hear) when they leave any new shouts. Thanks for checking out the new app!  Be sure to let us know what you think. Ryan Aha Community Czar

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