Updated version in the App Store + Shouts of the Week (12/11/09)

OcLove In case you haven't heard (or checked your App Store app lately) our latest version of Aha has hit the App Store and is ready for download. You won't see any major visual changes in this release, but we did make some pretty significant speed and stability updates...so you'll want to make sure you get it. And now...on with the show! Misc. & Awesome (do we have a love connection?) guest_00V8DVR - You lookin' good! OcLove - Thanks, I'm flattered Caraoke jaybesauceda - Heavenly Harry Connick, Jr. - We Are In Love - Heavenly TacoTruc - I'm a Barbie Girl Aqua - Aquarium - Barbie Girl Traffic trichdelish - A lot of traffic, so good luck - NY Tri-State Area latinqueen - Going to Macy's to see Santa - NY Tri-State Area imi3usy - Exit ramp is clear... - NY Tri-State Area #%& DRIVERS! Nonny - Rubbernecking... - Atlanta Metro Area OcLove - That's all we need - Los Angeles / Inland Empire (EXPLICIT) Ryan Aha Community Czar

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