Some News and Some TOP SHOUTS

As you may recall, we recently offered you a little tease of some of the stuff on the horizon for Aha users.  A lot of it is conceptual, but it still touches on the some of the feature ideas we are working on. We added a preview page to our website, and Robert unveiled a pre-release version of the app at the CES Mobile Apps Showdown. Well, we are getting closer to those previews and demos becoming reality, so be sure to stay tuned.  We'll be sure to tell you when you can get in and test drive the "new hotness." In the meantime ... here are some top shouts: Caraoke doctor1970 - Yo No Se Mañana Luis Enrique - Ciclos - Yo No Se Mañana mico - Can you feel the love tonight Elton John & London Community Gospel Choir - The Lion King (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Can You Feel the Love Tonight Traffic Wayne - 2-3 car accident - Los Angeles / Inland Empire yaya - Slowdown on 92 East - SF Bay Area #%& DRIVERS! Nonny - Snow and ice everywhere - Atlanta Metro guest_05ETSA9 - Don't scream at old folks EXPLICIT - Tri-State Area Ryan Aha Community Czar

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