Silly Aha Rolled Out a Deuce-Deuce (aka v2.2)

It seems like I've been waiting for years for the day we would release version 2.2 of an app so I could make a Deuce-Deuce reference.  Now I can tip my 40 for Eazy and tell you all about the actual Aha news. Existing users shouldn't see any major visual changes, but you should notice better performance on a lot of the internet radio stations, as well as a lot of new stations.  That's because we've rolled out 1,000s of additional AAC stations. Also, for International users without app support in their native language will have an opportunity to choose which of our available languages they'd like to use. There's more stuff too, but those are the biggies.  Be sure to hit up the appropriate App Stores (Apple or Google Play) right away to download the updates. -Ryan

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