Shouts of the Weeks (9/18/09)

kanye Hello to all you Aha-sters out there (I still haven't decided what to call you, but please send any suggestions to Apologies to all those who were eagerly awaiting a weekly recap last week, but my fiancée wife frowned on my suggestion that we postpone our rehearsal dinner so I could crank out a quick post.  Hopefully I can satiate your desires with a double dose of S-O-W! So to all the honorees, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but don't forget that Chucky had one of the best Caraokes of all-time! Misc. & Awesome Kanye - No disrespect, but... Caraoke CrazyChic89 - Because of you Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Because of You Bev - You belong with me Taylor Swift - Fearless - You Belong With Me @yank - Hip Hop Hooray Naughty By Nature - Greatest Hits: Naughty's Nicest - Hip Hop Hooray guest_051KQGB - What's the story morning glory Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory - Morning Glory Traffic defstef - After the accident point Tito - It's a parking lot @djwhelan - Typical L.A. DisneyDiva - Don't do it! #%& DRIVERS! crazycraven - baked bean can on their spoilers (WARNING - EXPLICIT) wk - Good luck buddy guest_051KQGB - not using their #%& blinkers! (WARNING - EXPLICIT) dkman - normal gas stations?!!? Congrats to guest_051KQGB for his double dose of pimpin' this time.  Hopefully he'll UPGRAYEDD his account soon so I can stop calling him by the guest account name. And don’t forget, we still have plenty of iPhone Car Chargers to give away! Just leave two shouts, send us some feedback (either an email or a feedback shout), and send your details to either blog[at] or contests[at]! Ryan Community Guy

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