Shouts of the Week! (Intro Edition)

iPhone Simulator2 It's nice to see so many new members joining us in the Aha Community, but it seems so far that some people are having a little trouble getting the hang of shouting.  Unless of course the assortment of silent shouts I've been seeing were actually intended. So to give everyone a little guidance, and also to introduce what will become a recurring blog topic, here are some TOP SHOUTS FROM THE WEEK!!! Before I proceed, I'm sure you are already asking, "How do I get one of my shouts listed in TOP SHOUTS?!?!?!"  For the time being I will serve as the sole "Gatekeeper" for inclusion on this prestigious list. If you would like to nominate a shout you can drop me a line at blog[at]  You may also consider bribery (maybe a blu-ray player?  how about a kindle?).  You can even score points if you can accurately tell me who the Keymaster is, and who he is trying to release. Anyway, without further adieu ado, here are some top of our top Shouts (disclaimer: employees of Aha, their friends, their family, or their pets, are totally eligible for TOP SHOUTS honors).  Users who have matched their Aha ID to their Twitter ID (or who provide their Twitter ID separately) are linked appropriately. TRAFFIC CARAOKE #%& DRIVERS! And don't forget, users can get a free iPhone Car Charger!  All they have to do is average TWO shouts a day over the next week, and send me your account details to either blog[at] or contests[at]! Ryan Community Guy

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