Shouts of the Week! (8/21/09)

Trap2-1 I'm only one week in with this whole Shout promoting business, and is a boomin!  Now that we have expanded to new areas, and drummed up some more users, the content quality is definitely going up. I've even decided to add a new section of randomly fun or interesting shouts called MISC. & AWESOME. :) That being said, I'm still seeing a fair amount of shouts ending up in the wrong areas.  So be sure to swipe to the appropriate destination when you finish recording.  If it's time sensitive and about traffic, send it to Traffic.  If it's general, send it to your local Public Shout room.  If you are singing or ranting, that goes to Caraoke or #%& Drivers! (respectively). And of course, if you have feedback for us you can always swipe to far right and send us a Feedback Shout.  The order never changes, but don't forget that it should always default to whichever room you were in when you recorded (so you won't always have to swipe). Anyway, without further ado, here are some top of our top Shouts (disclaimer: employees of Aha, their friends, their family, or their pets, are totally eligible for TOP SHOUTS honors).  Users who have matched their Aha ID to their Twitter ID (or who provide their Twitter ID separately) are linked appropriately. MISC. & AWESOME TRAFFIC CARAOKE #%& DRIVERS! And don’t forget, we still have plenty of iPhone Car Chargers to give away!  Just try to leave two shouts a day over the next week, send us some feedback (either an email or a feedback shout), and send your details to either blog[at] or contests[at]! Ryan Community Guy

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