Server Updates + Shouts of the Week (9/04/09)

photo Hello again from the land of Aha.  I've got a fresh collection of shouts to showcase, as well as some exciting performance news.  First the performance news. Not only are we always working on ways to improve the "client" (the actual app that downloads to  your iPhone) but we are also always working on improvements to our servers.  Earlier this week we rolled some changes to our server side that should not only give you faster startup times when you launch, but also a nice boost to the speed that content gets delivered from the servers to the client.  All in all you should be noticing that things are a little "snappier," so to speak. Anyway, said snappiness means it's even easier to start the app and record some shouts.  So you, too, can be a featured player in our SHOUTS OF THE WEEK!  Users who have matched their Aha ID to their Twitter ID (or who provide their Twitter ID separately) are linked appropriately. Misc. & Awesome PondaBaba - Pedestrian in the shadows Wayne - Fuzzy Wuzzy Worms AdmiralAckbar - Changed lanes Caraoke @maliwat - Easy Lover Phil Collins - ...Hits - Easy Lover guest_05BMAO2 - I believe I can fly R. Kelly - The R. In R&B Collection, Vol. 1 - I Believe I Can Fly Traffic admrl - RoadBot ain't lying @djwhelan - Today is not a good day (on the 5) #%& DRIVERS! mr - Put your lights on! Rob - Cab drivers And don’t forget, we still have plenty of iPhone Car Chargers to give away! Just leave two shouts, send us some feedback (either an email or a feedback shout), and send your details to either blog[at] or contests[at]! Ryan Community Guy

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