Picture Day

Picture Day! You all remember those special picture days from your childhood.  All dressed up in the clothes you don't usually wear.  Showing up with a check and an order form that inexplicably calls for hundreds of wallet sized copies of your mugshot.  Such good times. Well, most of us don't get a chance to relive that experience very often.  The same can't be said for our exec team, who had the distinct pleasure of waking up early to come in and take their executive headshots. The fancy pics will be available when we relaunch are website (stay tuned for that).  But in the meantime, here are some fun, and only mildly embarrassing pics, of some of our fearless leaders.  And just so no one accuses me of exploiting this opportunity, I've included the only "picture day" image of myself that I had available. Airbrushing the face And it's not just about having your make-up just right (as done by Maria from www.pmastyle.com) ... it's also about how you carry yourself. No, this is how to stand "casual" And don't forget...if you are hoping to relive your childhood photo experiences, you may want to check out our JOBS page.  If things work out we may someday need a headshot of you!   -Ryan

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