Office Decorating Continues

My favorite poster in the office As I've posted before, our new office has been something of a work in progress.  We had furniture, and a boatload of fun tech gadgets, but something was missing...and that something was personality. Our walls were white and naked.  Our window sills were unadorned with miscellaneous crap stuff.  Well that's not the case anymore. With much help from our lead visual designer, we now have an eclectic mix of artwork that mostly follows an automotive theme. By far my favorite addition to the office is a poster featuring Wolverine and Nightcrawler from a recent issue of X-Men.  What makes this my favorite?  The fact that they are listening to one This American Life! In fact, there is a part of me that likes to believe that they are listening on a Pioneer head unit, with full Aha Radio integration. Below are a couple more shots from around the office.  It's hard to find a better pop culture automobile for my generation than the Back to the Future DeLorean. Keeping an automotive theme Moving onto the office I share with said visual designer.  You can see the X-Men poster just to the left of my seat (so I can enjoy it).  As well as my Star Wars banner (I said "mostly automotive"), some Star Wars themed Mr. Potato Heads, and some South Park characters.  And believe it or not...we use that pencil. X-Men poster, Star Wars banner, and even some toys We also needed a table for behind the couch, so we got a little creative.

Custom surfboard table by Bill Boothby of Cambria, CA.


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