New version of Aha Radio brings Fast Forward & more Facebook Connect

Haven't been posting too much, what with moving into new offices and getting settled post acquisition, but I'm back with some exciting news. A new version of Aha Radio (v1.5.2) is up and available to download from the iTunes App Store. Along with the usual suite of bug fixes and performance tweaks, we have two significant changes.
  1. Improved Facebook Connect integration - Users can now sign-in or register using their Facebook account.  If you are an existing user, and sign-in using Facebook, you will be given an opportunity to associate your Facebook account with an existing Aha account.  Once you have done that you can sign-in anytime using either option.  New users can choose whichever option they want to register.
  2. Improved in-track navigation - Users can now skip ahead 30 seconds, or skip back 15 seconds, within any podcast.  Need to skip a segment you don't care about?  Advance ahead 30 seconds with a single tap.  Just miss something that may have been interesting?  Jump back, without going too far, by tapping the 15 second rewind button.
  3. Updated Nickname options - Users can now create nicknames with special characters and spaces, and are no longer exclusive.  If the name you wanted was taken, you can use it too.  Your picture, and your voice, are what will distinguish you.

As always, be sure to let us know what you think via any of the following feedback channels:

Ryan Aha Radio Team

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