New Version brings Aha Radio north of the border!

You should already have seen the update notifier on your App Store app, but just in case ... Aha Radio has been updated to v1.5.4,  and with its release comes an exciting enhancement: Canadian Support! That's right, Aha Radio has gone north of the border. Not only will it be available in the Canadian App Store, thus enabling our neighbors to enjoy all that audio streaming goodness from podcasts, facebook, and twitter, but users in the Vancouver Metro area will also be able to take advantage of our Location Based Stations.  That means they can get quick traffic updates on 99, or use the Coffee station to find that Starbucks near the Skytrain. Other regions will be added in the future, but in the meantime users in other parts of Canada can still listen to any number of popular podcasts (including CBC: As It Happens). Even if you aren't from Canada, you should still make sure you upgrade to the latest version.  It has all sorts of bug fixes and other tweaks to improve the experience. -Ryan

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