New digs for Aha Radio team

Back when Harman acquired us in September we were still taking up space at our VC offices, but within a few weeks they had staked out a place for us on University Ave. in downtown Palo Alto. Not only is the location great (overlooks University and is a short walk from the train) but it also has some history.   Just about 11 years ago, back when I first started working for the newly merged PayPal/, the companies actually occupied two University addresses. The original PayPal office resided at the now famous 165 University, which boasts Logitech and Google among its past occupants. was located just a few blocks east, on the corner of University and Waverley  I was among a handful of employees who remained on University, in the office, after the merger. I guess when you have nice, windowed, offices overlooking a bustling downtown corner, you don't give that up very easily.  Eventually we joined the rest of the team at an office complex nearby, but always remembered 394 University fondly. Overlooking the corner of University & Waverley So you can imagine it was a nice surprise when I learned that the office we were going to move into was the very same office I worked in a decade earlier.  And unlike before, when the office was gutted by all the moves to the new office, things were clean and sparkly when we moved in. New Stereo Harman provided the stereo Still have seats to fill Booth Boothy greets visitors The only problem was that we needed time to get the place furnished. Well I’m excited to report that the time has passed and we are now fully furnished, and even have a few seats to fill. And of course, we can’t forget Boothy, who you may recall joined the team in January. Stay tuned for more updates from the new office.  And be sure to visit our other pages to stay up on all things Aha Radio! -Ryan Aha Radio Team

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