Like that Shout? Make it a Ringtone!

3Stacks If you've been checking out any of the recent Shouts of the Week posts, you've no doubt heard that some of our users can really belt it out.  Well it occurred to me that many of these epic performances deserved an even larger showcase. That's why I'm going to be temporarily offering REGISTERED users the option to request ringtones of any of their shouts. Yep, if you have a shout that you particularly like, and would like to use it as a ringtone on your iPhone, just make sure you are registered with Aha, send an email to ringtones[at] from your registered email address, and be sure to specify which shout(s) you want. If you haven't already registered, don't worry.  If you go to SETTINGS you should see a REGISTER option.  Once you register you should notice that all of your past shouts will now be associated with your new nickname and profile image. ringtone3 To get you all in the spirit, I've uploaded an MP3 clip of the latest ringtone addition on my own phone. 3 Stacks (Shout) If this proves to be popular, perhaps I can even get the guys to work on a built-in ringtone feature...but I want to see if you guys actually want it. -Ryan Aha Community Czar

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