Jawbone video poised to break the internets

Perhaps you are wondering what reasons I could possibly have to post this video on our blog.  Well I'm going to tell you.
  1. It is utterly awesome, and really that should be all that matters.
  2. If that isn't enough, there is actually a product connection.  Jambox is a great way for Aha Radio users to listen on the go.  Whether you strap it to your bike, hang it from your neck with the dope Jamchain, or just plop it down on your passenger seat.  You can bluetooth your Aha Radio audio through the Jambox speaker.
  3. Last, and probably least, you can spot a Harman product in the Groupon scene.  Helllloooo Soundsticks!
Now let's all cross our fingers that the awesomeness of this video doesn't cause worldwide server meltdown and broken internets for everyone. -Ryan

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