It's official, we are the "coolest"

I generally prefer to avoid tooting our own horn, so it's especially satisfying when someone goes out of their way to toot it for us.  That was the case this week with's review of the Pioneer AVIC-X930BT head unit (also known as one of the first head units to feature Aha Radio integration).

The post covers all aspects of the head unit, but dedicates a hefty chunk of text to the author's thoughts on the Aha Radio implementation.  And contained in those thoughts was one of my favorite quotes to date:
Developed by Harman International, this infotainment platform is the coolest car audio technology since, well, GPS navigation.
Later he added this little gem, as well:
With the addition of Aha Radio, Pioneer delivers the future now...

There's plenty more good stuff in the review, so be sure to check out the complete post here.


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