How to enable EXPLICIT content in Aha Radio

Did you know that Aha Radio's default setting is to automatically filter out anything that contains profane or explicit material?  That may be the default...but we also like to give users a choice, which is why I'm here today to tell you all about the preference called Allow Explicit Content. First, you may be wondering what we are actually filtering.  Well...if someone drops an F-bomb during a bit on Stand-Up Comedy, uses "colorful" descriptors in a Driver Rant, or if a podcast simply carries the EXPLICIT label (like Adam Carolla or Nerdist), you won't be able to hear that content in Aha. In most of the stations the shouts in question will simply be held back.  You won't even know they are missing (unless you are looking for one of your own that you know contained colorful language).  In the case of an EXPLICIT podcast, you'll be able to add the preset but will also get a warning message the first time you attempt to play it. To disable the filter all you have to do is enable the Allow Explicit Content preference.  We can go back and forth on whether it makes more sense to toggle the filter off, or turn explicit on (we certainly did) but if you are hoping to have explicit material available in Aha Radio, make sure it says ON. That's all there is to it.  Now you can listen to even more comedy, all podcasts, and any shouts that were potentially...colorful. -Ryan Aha Mobile Team

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