Find a place to party on St. Patrick's Day with Aha Radio

March Madness may already be underway, and many people have had almost an entire half-day to get their St. Paddy's day fun on, but there could be a great many of you who are still stuck at work (and thus have not become totally inebriated). That being said, those of you who have waited to partake in the fun are probably even more eager to get in the car and head on over to a place that specializes in NCAA coverage, beer, or both. It's a good thing you can setup a custom Hungry search within Aha Radio.  Just enter "Pub" and Aha Radio will automatically return results for any pubs in your area.  No need to stare at a map...just let Aha read the results to you. And with all the people out there "consuming" St. Patrick's day beverages, you probably know how important it is to keep your eyes on the road. Which reminds me...once you reach your destination make sure you plan accordingly.  If you are going to "consume" but you don't have a designated driver, be sure to look for parking that allows overnight! Be safe, and enjoy! -Ryan PATRICK Knight

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