Does Aha Radio Work on the iPad?

Unless you were living under a rock, there's a good chance that you heard about the release of the much ballyhooed Apple iPad last Saturday. The fancy new tablet-ish device from Apple is designed to run on the same OS as the iPhone, and as a result can run the vast majority of iPhone apps already in the iTunes App Store, including Aha Radio. BUT...there is a catch.  For Aha Radio to work you need to be connected to a data network.  The first wave of iPads only contain WiFi capabilities, which means you shouldn't expect to take your Aha Radio equipped iPad out and about, and still get access to your favorite podcasts/traffic updates/etc.  But whenever you are able to connect to a WiFi network, it's GAME ON. Some other notable bits.  The iPad has a built-in microphone, which works fine for recording shouts.  There is no phone in the device, so if you attempt to call one of your HUNGRY results, nothing will happen.  Lastly, the app has occasionally crashed while completing Facebook Connect steps for the Facebook station.  We're looking into it, but your Facebook station should still work. Enjoy! -Ryan Aha Mobile

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