Contest Winners, Shouts of the Week, and a Prize for us Too

jaybsauceda So much to share this week, so I'll dispense with the typical pleasantries and tomfoolery. We are almost through our first week of the three week Traffic Shout of the Day contest.  Announced winners for the first three days were: RandR - Major stand still - Greater St. Louis Area jaybsauceda - Be vigilant! - Greater Houston Area stefonee - especially easy ride - Greater Chicagoland Area ...and our winner for day 4 is: Wayne - Should clear up - Los Angeles/Inland Empire Congrats to Wayne for his clear and detailed report.  Your card is on the way.  For everyone else, there is still plenty of time to get in on the fun.  All you have to do is register for Aha and leave a traffic shout.  There are 11 prizes left to give out.  You can see complete rules and details at trophy In other news this week, Aha was awarded with a lovely trophy for snagging the Next-Generation Applications & Services prize at the Location 2.0 Summit this week. We are all very excited to have our first actual trophy for the office.  Now all we need is a trophy case. And without further ado, here are this week's top shouts. Enjoy! Misc. & Awesome guest_07JSEAI - Fat man in a (Tommy Boy) guest_00O26S9 - ABCDEFG Caraoke guest_00LBMG6 - Unfaithful Rihanna - Unfaithful - Single (With Video) - Unfaithful @Yank - 3030 Deltron 3030 - Deltron 3030 - 3030 @jaybsauceda (not just a traffic reporter) - The Gambler  Kenny Rogers - The Gambler - The Gambler Traffic See above :) #%& DRIVERS! JoeMerc - Move your #%&! out of the way! - EXPLICIT Indifference - The light's GREEN!!! - EXPLICIT Bud - Who gives them a license?!?! Ryan Aha Community Czar

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