Contest News + Shouts of the Week (10/02/09)

bee Hopefully you are all noticing the massive influx of shouts today.  It's amazing what a national launch can do for user activity.  Anyway, we are working furiously to make sure that our systems keep up with the demand, and that when users send shouts to the wrong area...we move them to the correct one.  Given the number of shouts I've moved today, a brief refresher may be in order. Shouts cheat sheet:
  • Traffic - Local traffic report. This is for updating other drivers with timely traffic news about slowness, accidents, or even that things are clear.
  • Local - General interest/discussion, or perhaps traffic info that isn't as time-sensitive.
  • Caraoke - Sing along with your favorite song and let everyone else hear.
  • #$@% Drivers - Vent about the crazy or annoying behaviors of other drivers.  Let it out here, rather than running them off the road.
Now that everyone is up to speed on shout protocol, I can get down to the nitty gritty on the CONTEST. With Aha, everyone can be a traffic reporter, and we are going to reward the most useful and entertaining traffic shout each day (M-F) for the next three weeks with a $100 iTunes gift card. That's right...$100 iTunes cards. I'll be sharing more news and details in the next few days, but be ready because it starts Monday morning.  Keep your ears peeled (if you can peel eyes why can't you peel ears too?) for announcements in local Shout rooms, as well as updates on and share Speaking of Facebook & Twitter.  In case you missed it, you can now link your Aha account to Twitter and/or Facebook, so that your shouts are automatically shared with your networks.  Honestly, you haven't really lived until you have posted your own voice directly into your friends' news feeds. And without further ado, here are this week's top shouts.  Enjoy! Misc. & Awesome - WARNING - EXPLICIT @antecoyote - I have to .... and there's like no trees olzdaddy - Just let 'er rip! Caraoke guest_07S6BDV - Picture and Hypnotize Julio Iglesias - Love Songs - Feelings kennyG - Feelings Julio Iglesias - Love Songs - Feelings @BaltimoreTom - What's Going On? Julio Iglesias - Love Songs - Feelings Traffic DrJeter - It's a fresh one 1BevoFan - Avoid the homecoming traffic #%& DRIVERS! Bee - That's all I want to know! - EXPLICIT mindjam - That's the accelerator...PUSH IT!!! - EXPLICIT And don't forget to keep your eyes and ears open for next week's Traffic Shout contest.  $100 iTunes card each day to the best shout. Ryan Community Guy

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