Calling all Aha users: We want your feedback (and here's how)

Feedback-2 I would definitely not call any of you guinea pigs (that's what our beta testers were for), but as early adopters you have a very unique (and exciting) opportunity.  The Aha gang is working feverishly to add maps for new regions, as well clear up bugs and tweak the user experience of the app.  This is where you come in (and could also get an iPhone charger for your time). We want all the feedback you are willing to give us, and since we don't know how you like to give feedback...we have tried to cover all bases.  Here is the the list of all the ways you can tell us how much we rule, or what we need to change. In App - This is the easiest way.  Simply record a shout while in the app, and swipe all the way to the right when you are deciding where it should go.  The last option looks like a little notebook and is called "Feedback Shouts."  Select that option and we'll get a special email informing us of your feedback, and you'll even get a copy to hear what you had to say. Twitter - We are constantly watching the twittersphere for any mentions of Aha.  Just address us in the tweet (@AhaMobile) or hashtag us (#AhaMobile) and we'll be sure to get back to you. Get Satisfaction - a great site that enables companies to connect with their users to help solve problems and share information.  You can see what issues or questions others may have had (and fixed) or let us know that something major could be up. Facebook - For the most part this is a place to get updates from us, but if you ever feel the need to share a thought or issue you can try here as well. Email - Good ol' fashioned email harkens back to an almost quaint time.  Back when Y2K was scary, and you could register for an email address without adding 5 numeric characters to your name.  We use this too, and you can drop us a line at feedback[at] or support[at] And don't forget, if you download Aha, register, leave just TWO shouts (of any kind) and then also send me some feedback, you can get a free iPhone Car Charger (while supplies last). So don't hesitate!  We want to know what you think. Ryan Community Guy

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