Aha Users can get a FREE iPhone Car Charger

TrafficReporter Yes, you read that right.  Keeping your iPhone charged has never been easier!  All you have to do is install the Aha app on your iPhone, register, and leave some Shouts (short voice notes). How many Shouts, you ask?  Only TWO shouts a day over the course of a week.  Considering each Shout only takes a few seconds to leave, it's not a huge time commitment. However, if you don't want to wait a week to get the ball rolling on your charger I have something even speedier for you. The next 20 users who leave TWO shouts (any type) and then follow with a Feedback shout (when you are on the Send screen it's the option on the far right) get a charger.  The feedback can be positive or negative, but just make sure you let us know what you think of Aha. After you've done that you can leave another Feedback shout with your contact info (make sure you send to Feedback, and not to one of the public Shout areas) or drop me a line at blog[at]ahamobile.com. Ryan Community Guy

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