Aha update (v1.2) is now in the App Store, with a New Look!

LogoBlog It seems like only two weeks ago, but we've got another update that just hit the iTunes App Store.  The first thing you'll probably notice is the new icon.  You might think that it "pops" a little more than the old one.  Myself ... I like to believe that I can see a bit of my own vehicle in the center.  Regardless, we like it and hope you do to. Now onto the more substantive changes.  We have the standard assortment of bug fixes (some minor stability issues, speed, etc.), as well as a rather important update to some error messaging within the registration flow (HINT: Usernames cannot contain special characters or spaces, and now the error message actually mentions that). NewMain Another significant change involves the layout of corridors in Traffic.  A lot of users had been wondering why the roads they cared enough about to manually add weren't showing up front and center on the screen. So we've swapped the Saved corridors with the Automatic corridors.  Now if you have a road or region you always want to track, it will be above the yellow line, and all automatic corridors will be below. What's that you say? You prefer automatic corridors to custom ones?  Easy enough to fix.  Just don't create a custom corridor and your automatic corridors show up at the top. There are some more changes too, but they are tied to some additional work we are doing on the back-end, so you won't notice them right away.  So just stay tuned, or sniff around for some potential hints for what's to come. Ryan Community Guy

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