Aha update (v1.1) hits the App Store with iPod Controls

control Our first official update should now be hitting the iTunes App Store servers, so I'm here to tell you about it. Not only do we have the standard assortment of bug fixes (some UI tweaks, some minor stability issues, etc.), but we were able to address one of the more frequent requests from a fair amount of users ... iPod playback from within the app. It turns out that I'm in the minority of iPhone owners, in that I typically use one of my many iPods for music, and there are a great many of you who like to use your iPhone for one of its original key functions (an iPod). Unfortunately for those using the iPod app, whenever audio was triggered within Aha the iPod would stop, and users would need to exit Aha to get the music playing again.  Well, not anymore!  Aha and the iPod app are now playing nice with one another. To activate the controls you have to do two things:
  • Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of Aha (v1.1.0).
  • Enable controls from SETTINGS > My Preferences > Music Controller (ON/OFF).
  • Tap the small music note on the lower left corner of the Shout record button
  • Tap "i" to select some music to play
triggerAnd there you have it.  Music controls from within Aha!  Let us know what you think at twitter.com/ahamobile! Ryan Community Guy

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