Aha Traffic Shout Contest Winner (Day 7) – MiniVanDad

Another day, another Traffic Shout winner.  This time we have someone who found the time to update San Jose drivers of an issue just off the freeway.  Keep in mind that even though we currently support freeways and exits/intersections, you can always leave Traffic shouts that will appear in the regional traffic room.  MiniVanDad ran into a nightmare just off of the 280 & Winchester Blvd Exit. MiniVanDad - It's all bad... - San Francisco Bay Area Just a reminder ... we are almost half-way through the Traffic Shout contest.  Don't miss your chance to get your shouts in for a chance at a free $100 iTunes Gift Card. For complete details on rules and stuff you can visit our Facebook page, or the Aha website. Good luck! Ryan Community Czar

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