Aha Traffic Shout Contest Winner (Day 5) – Indifference

Dallas Week one of our Traffic Shout of the Day contest is complete, and our fifth winner hails from the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  Don't be fooled by his username, because it's obvious from the clarity of sound and information that Indifference cares about quality shouts. Indifference - Traffic begins to open up... - Dallas/Forth Worth MetroPlex Still plenty of time to get involved (today, and during the rest of the contest), so get those traffic shouts in. All you have to do is touch the microphone at the bottom of the screen, record a short message about the current traffic conditions where you are (good, bad, neutral, whatever), and when the recording is done make sure you are on the Traffic Reporter option before SENDING. And of course, you can't forget to register (under Settings), but that almost goes without saying. Even if you record a shout before registering, but register by the end of that day, all of your earlier shouts from that day will become eligible for the day's prize. For complete details on rules and stuff you can visit our Facebook page, or the Aha website. Good luck! Ryan Community Czar

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