Aha Traffic Shout Contest Winner (Day 2) – jaybsauceda

Day 2 of our Traffic Shout of the Day contest has wrapped up, and I'm back with the latest winner.  Today was a much tougher call than yesterday, but after much deliberation from the Aha team we are prepared to award the top shout to... jaybsauceda - Be vigilant! - Greater Houston Area There were a lot of great shouts, but Jay's detail and clarity ruled the day.  If  you didn't win you should heed Jay's advice, and BE VIGILANT, for there are still 13 prizes left to give. And there is still plenty of time to get your Traffic shouts in for today. Shouts don't have to pertain to rush hour, or even freeway traffic. Anything that you think is useful or informative (possibly entertaining) can win. Only registered users are eligible, so make sure you register with a valid email address. For complete details on rules and stuff you can visit our Facebook page, or the Aha website. Good luck! Ryan Community Czar

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