Aha Radio Lineup Changes - 5/20/10

To go along with the new version of Aha Radio (1.4, now available in the App Store - UPDATE NOW if you haven't!) we've added some new stations. If you would like to request that a station be reinstated, or make a suggestion for a new station, please contact us at feedback@ahamobile.com. Adding: Podcasts
  • AppSlappy – a weekly podcast dedicated to users of the App Store. All the hot news, rumors, reviews and more for your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad with Scott and Eric.
  • BBC: Global News – The best stories, interviews, and on the spor reporting from around the world.
  • The Nerdist – Chris Hardwick's podcast of featuring casual conversations with his friends.  (EXPLICIT)
  • NPR: A Prairie Home Companion – Garrison Keillor's signature monologue, The News from Lake Wobegon.
  • SModcast – the meandering palaver of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier. (EXPLICIT)
Aha Stations
  • LOST fans – The show is almost over, so now might be a good time to share your theories or vent about your frustration.
How to add/remove stations from Aha Radio - 1) Tap the Manage Stations button located at the top right corner of the main screen. 2) Choose to view Current stations, or to Add more 3) to remove a station simply tap the minus symbol and then confirm the Delete 4) Switch to Add more and choose from Aha Stations, Podcasts, or Twitter lists 5) After adding/removing stations you can re-order them on the Current screen by holding your finger on the triple hash and dragging.

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