Aha Radio Lineup Changes – 4/21/10

Aha Radio features a constantly evolving selection of stations. We will frequently add new podcasts, twitter lists, and Aha stations to the lineup. Announcements will typically be made the day (or day after) new stations become available. If you would like to request that a station be reinstated, or make a suggestion for a new station, please contact us at feedback@ahamobile.com. Adding: Aha Stations
  • Stand-Up Comedy – Listen to material from some of the best local and nationally touring comics.  New content is added every few days, so you'll always be able to get a good laugh.
  • MLB Chat – An open forum to talk about all things baseball.  Get your rivalry on!
  • Bootcamp: Gadgets & Gear – What's the latest in gadgets & gear? Fred Fishkin talks to the people who are behind them all in his daily Boot Camp Report!
  • BusinessWeek: Cover Story – The week's top business and economic news. Hosted by Assistant Managing Editor Jim Ellis, and featuring BusinessWeek's writers and editors.
  • Car And Driver – Car and Driver Radio brings you all the latest automotive news, product reviews, celebrity guests and more.
  • CNET: Buzz Out Loud – Buzz Out Loud features Tom Merritt, Molly Wood and producer Jason Howell, along with CNET's top tech experts reviewing the day's tech news.
  • CNET: Car Tech Live – Every Friday, car nut and tech aficionado Brian Cooley runs down the latest news in the ever-evolving integration between cars and technology.
  • Cranky Geeks – Hosted by PC Magazine editor John C. Dvorak.  Each week a group of panelists discuss the most controversial topics in tech.
  • DiggNation – The Diggnation podcast by Kevin and Alex makes for a funny broadcast of the events at the social networking site digg.com.
  • Engadget – ou know it, you love it... you subscribe to it. Now you're able to get all that podcasty goodness in one place.
  • MarketWatch: Take on Tech – MarketWatch tech reporters Rex Crum and John Letzing take you inside the business of technology.
  • SlashDot Review – News and events in Technology, Business, and Regulation.
  • TWIT: Daily Giz Wiz – Mad's maddest writer and The Giz Wiz, Dick DeBartolo, digs into his massive gadget collection for the gadget of the day, co-hosted by Leo Laporte.
  • TWIT: Home Theater Geeks – Scott Wilkinson, online editor of UltimateAVmag.com and HomeTheaterMag.com, interviews the leaders and pioneers behind today's home theater technology.
  • TWIT: Security Now – Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.
  • TWIT: The Tech Guy – The complete aircheck of Leo Laporte's technology call-in radio show minus commercials, news, and traffic.
How to add/remove stations from Aha Radio - 1) Tap the Manage Stations button located at the top right corner of the main screen. 2) Choose to view Current stations, or to Add more 3) to remove a station simply tap the minus symbol and then confirm the Delete 4) Switch to Add more and choose from Aha Stations, Podcasts, or Twitter lists 5) After adding/removing stations you can re-order them on the Current screen by holding your finger on the triple hash and dragging.

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