Addressing some feedback from the Aha launch

Hi everyone.  My name is Ryan, and I'm the guy you will probably be running into most often if you visit this blog, our twitter feed (, our facebook page, or anywhere else in the webosphere.  I'll be wrangling up other people to chime in from time to time, but hopefully you'll find my presence soothing. Anyway, during our first few days since hitting the app store we've received some extremely positive feedback (thank you Venture Beat), but I've noticed a few questions that might need to be answered.  Also, there are some known issues that I can assure you we are already working on. Here are answers to a few questions, but stay tuned to the blog for more.

Can I remove the roads that appear at the top of Traffic? No, but if you look closely you will see that those roads are frequently updating.  The app identifies where you are and gives you a snapshot of segments, in both directions, of any major roadways that are nearby.  If those segments aren't to your liking, or you have some roads that you always want to keep an eye on, you can always create your own custom segments by tapping the "i" in the top right corner.  Once added, these segments always appear below the yellow line (beneath your automatic segments).

I live in (insert state other than California), why can't I add custom road segments? Only users in CA will be able to add custom road segments at this time, however we are working to expand coverage considerably in the coming weeks.  In the meantime you should still be able to create a Traffic room that covers your region.

I'm in California, and I still can't find the exit I'm looking for? Our goal is to cover as many exits as possible, but there may be some that we missed.  If you have one to report please shoot us an email, with the details, to feedback[at]

Here is a list of some of the known issues that we are already working on for our next release. Aha 1.0 - Known Issues
  • Official regional support is limited to California, but users in other areas will still be able to use the app with limited functionality.  For example, users in unsupported areas will be able to listen to and leave shouts, and will have a local Traffic room, but will not be able to add custom road segments.  We are working hard to make Aha available US wide and will be adding new regions weekly.
  • When listening to the iPod application and launching Aha, the iPod audio will continue to play even inside the shout rooms. In order to stop the iPod audio you may either pause the iPod audio by double clicking the home button or leave the Aha application, stop the audio and re-launch Aha.
  • The explicit filter is not fully functional at this time, so users who have enabled filtering may still encounter shouts containing explicit language.  We apologize for this and are working to resolve it soon.
  • Aha does not currently support Bluetooth interaction, but we are working on it (stay tuned).
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