Aha + HondaLink Integration Unveiled

At CES way back in January, Aha announced a contract with Honda, a very exciting milestone for our team.

Today, Aha and Honda shared more details of that partnership as Honda unveiled HondaLinkTM, a new, personalized driving experience that streams a world of information and entertainment to Honda vehicles. The HondaLink system featuring Aha content will first roll out in the all-new 2013 Honda Accord later this year.

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Aha Expands in Europe!  The "Governator" should be pleased

Totally forgot to mention last week, but not only have we added more flexibility around selecting supported languages in the app … we also added availability in more App Stores.

Aha was already available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores in the following contries:

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Silly Aha Rolled Out a Deuce-Deuce (aka v2.2)

It seems like I’ve been waiting for years for the day we would release version 2.2 of an app so I could make a Deuce-Deuce reference.  Now I can tip my 40 for Eazy and tell you all about the actual Aha news.

Existing users shouldn’t see any major visual changes, but you should notice better performance on a lot of the internet radio stations, as well as a lot of new stations.  That’s because we’ve rolled out 1,000s of additional AAC stations.

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