Shouts of the Week (11-20-09)

I’m going to go light on the pleasantries again this week.  Just a quick reminder that you can also find us at, GetSatisfaction/AhaMobile, and  If you want to shoot us some feedback, ask for help, or just mingle with some other users, any of those will do the trick.

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Shouts of the Week (11-13-09)

Yes… in case you haven’t noticed it is Friday the 13th.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to dress up in a hockey mask and terrorize any camp counselors, but I will terrorize you with the latest installment of the SHOUTS OF THE WEEEEEEEEEK! (MUAH MUAH MUAH).

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Leeroy Jenkins invades Aha

Couldn’t resist sharing this awesome shout today.  For anyone who may not understand the context, I’ve included the video that inspired it.  It’s long, but you can skip ahead to about 1:20 if you want (though you’ll regret it). Also, be advised that there is some NSFW language during certain parts of the clip.

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