Aha Can Has Internz

We had two very exciting additions to the Aha Radio workplace this week … our very first INTERNS!  Yep, we are totally official now.

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Hit up the App Store for the latest Aha Update (v1.5.5)

You are probably wondering why your App Store app is rocking the updates badge.  You may be one of those people who likes to ignore it.  Or maybe you wait until it hits double digits.  Or maybe you are like my wife, and after 3 years of using an iPhone you still don’t think that updates matter.

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People all over America took the day off today to gather in the morning hours at local bars and pubs and watch Team USA in the World Cup Semis.

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Use “My Feeds” to create a custom station

Time for another blast from the past.  Many of the newer users may not even be aware that we have an alternate display mode called “Walking Mode.”  And if they don’t know that, they are probably wondering what the My Feeds station does.  Read below to learn all about it.

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Say Hello to AhaRadio.com!

If you have been with us for a long time you remember that our original app was named Aha Mobile.

That was also the name for the company, as well as the URL for the website.

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Office Decorating Continues

As I’ve posted before, our new office has been something of a work in progress.  We had furniture, and a boatload of fun tech gadgets, but something was missing…and that something was personality.

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